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Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying goes far beyond being roughed up in the schoolyard. Harassment, verbal abuse, exclusion — both in-person and online — are all forms of bullying.

And every form of bullying destroys your child’s self-confidence and creates mental scars that may never heal.

Common signs of a child who is bullied include:

  • Reluctance to go to school. When a child who previously enjoyed school suddenly begins complaining of frequent stomachaches or other ailments to avoid going, this could be a sign of bullying.

  • Reluctance to get on the school bus. If the bus is the location of bullying, children may lobby for parents to drive them to school or even ask if they can walk or ride a bike.

  • Sudden withdrawal from friends. If a former friend is the bully, a child may not want to be part of a group anymore.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits of our anti-bullying program, please give us a call at (201) 326-0100

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